Excluding certain tracks from hide commands

Hey there,

Been using the key commands for hiding tracks when I come to exporting stems which is very useful to clean up my sessions that can get a bit messy and might be confusing if I have an assistant doing the exports. For example, using commands for Hide Muted Tracks or tracks with no data between the locators. What I don’t like though is that it also hides groups, FX Tracks, the video track etc and I have to go in an unhide those tracks afterwards. I’m guessing there’s a way to make exceptions using the logical editor but I suck with Macros. Any tips?



You can just add one line to the Logical Editor Preset:
Track Type is | Equal | Audio

The And operator will be added automatically to the end of the previous line.

Thanks. It’s worth saying that the tracks I’m using are a combination of instrument tracks, multis (wanna keep midi visible) and audio. So just add what you said for all these?


OK, then it’s a bit more tricky.

You can use this (see attached screenshot), but this works only if you Mute the Instrument in the MixConsole.

That’s great Martin - thanks for the tip and visual :wink: