Exeternal devices - copy a pannel in all MIDI channel with settings

Hello everyone!

I have a big problem with creating panels on midi channels of external instruments.

I have several external instruments, but I’ll take my Integra7, a 16-part multitimbral expander, for example.

Thanks to a stroke of luck I found a user who shared the configuration he made for the Integra7, with a great job, and the pach changes with the relative names work very well. Fantastic. It was enough to import it into Cubase with the command “import external device”.

Now I would like to create a control panel for each MIDI channel that allows me to modify some parameters of each midi channel of the Integra7 directly from Cubase. I can create a panel for a channel and get it to work properly. Unfortunately I can’t copy the panel I created for every other MIDI channel. I can only copy the “graphics”, but each element has to be re-mapped.

Doing this for every MIDI channel of every external instrument is a really long job and I was wondering if there wasn’t a shortcut that eludes me.

I have carefully read the dedicated manual “MIDI DEVICES”, but I could not understand how to do it … I followed the tutorial and when it comes to explaining how to copy the panels from one channel to another, it specifies that only the graphic elements will be copied . With this exception: (carry over from the manual) Copying panel elements only copies the graphic panel elements, but not the parameters. This way, you can quickly
copy a pre-designed panel to various subnodes and define the parameters afterwards.
Ö There is one exception to the rule: If the panels belong
to the same level of subnodes in the same device, the parameters will not get lost during the copy and paste.
Panel elements can be copied from the same device or
from different devices.

I really can’t understand … can anyone help me?