Existing Audio Track -- want to insert 4 measures in front of it

Can’t seem to do it! Also, I’ve said this before and probably shouldn’t say this but I’ve never seen software that messes things up so completely as you are working with it. Basic things like go back to where I record and it misunderstands my mouse click and screws up the window tracks and view for example. So rather than try to get it back I have to close the file and reopen it and oh yeah, lost my recording that I wanted to keep. Sorry for the discouraging rant and rave.

(I used years ago Professional Composer and Performer – and on a Yamaha SY99 with an 8 track recorder could get things done. Good grief…)

I can seem to do it, so it might be you, not Cubase…

Mind if I ask, where’s the menu item to do that with an audio file?

Why complicate things with a menu item?

Simply grab the audio event on the track and move it 4 measures later! If you have multiple audio events on the track, first right-click the track and chose “Select All Events”, then grab any event and drag everything 4 measures later.

(…assuming that you can’t use the menu item “Insert Silence” since it affects all tracks, not just a single audio track…)

Would depend on the used software annd what exactly you are trying to do.“Process bars“ in the tempo track editor might be a starting point…?