Exorting 30 sec of Video - how?

Nuendo 6 users.
I want to send a client a slice of film with music. In PT it takes only a second with “Bounce to QT”.
In Steinberg, for ages there was the “replace audio in video” - time consuming and not practical cause I want to send a sketch via Email.

Now, we have Nuendo 6, do we have this option since I tried it with Nuendo 4?

Now I need to open a PT project only for that. by now the Nuendo crashed so hard my computer restart itself over and over. 40 minutes of my time just to send 30 seconds of movie to the film maker.
Nuendo crash when I start (unable to uplaod KONTAKT samples) or crash when I quit the program.


No there is not.

What I do is I export the music with the dialogs/Fx , notate the timecode where the export starts.

Then I open the video in quicktime , and go to the corresponding timecode with the mouse then use the keyboard arrows to go exactly to the right timecode ( Quicktime is very precise when you hit left or right arrow, it goes frame by frame )


I open the audio export ( with music and dialogs/fx ) , do cmd + A ( select the whole audio ) , then cmd + c ( copy )
then I return to the video ( still in quicktime ) , then go to Edit, “add to sequence” , then “only keep the selection”, and you’ve your clip ! ( dont forget to go in sequence property = cmd + J , then delete the original audio track otherwise you’ll have both the original audio playing and the exported one )

This seems complex , but it really takes 2 minutes to do.
Seems much simpler to me than using Video editor like Vegas or Premiere.

Thanx dude

This is also exactly what i do since ages, but it is strongly permitted to asked why is it so complicated to add this feature to Cubase or at least Nuendo…

Also, should be a sticky somewhere about this QuickTime Pro workaround because a lot of people keep asking the same question (which is understandable : they use a software mostly designed to help them making music to pictures but there’s no way to export it properly. Kinda crazy, isn’t ?)


Did you mean exort, exhort or export? Only kidding with you, ignore me, it’s a weekend … I’ll get me coat.

Extort ?