Exp Map, Playing Tech and Playback Templates

I have been working on the Expression maps, Playing Techniques and Playback Templates for my guitar sample libraries. while I have been successful in getting the features to work, however, I haven’t been able to save my Exp maps, Playing techniques, the techniques in the PT Pop over panel as well as the Playing templates. this results in lot of unnecessary work in having to load everything again. is there a way to save these so that every old as well as new projects these are available readily for me to use.

You can import/export Expression Maps in the Expression Map Editor. (Buttons at the bottom.)

You can save Endpoint Configurations in the VST and MIDI rack:


You can then create Playback Templates from one or more Endpoints. Playback Templates, once saved, should be available for every project.

Playing Techniques exist per file, but you can save them as Defaults, to be in any document, by clicking the star in the Playing Technique Editor.

You can also create Project Templates, as the basis for future projects.

Thanks a lot benwiggy for your reply.

till now I have been using import/ export Exp Maps route but isn’t there a way that Dorico remembers the user created E Maps and we don’t have to import it every time? that would have eliminated repetitive steps. Further, how do we save the user created Playing Techniques in the Playing Technique Panel on the RH so that it is available across projects? if there is a way for this then similar repetitive steps can be eliminated.

If you use Playback Templates, then the Ex maps will be automatically added as needed. Try dropping the Ex map .doricolib file on the Hub, if you want it to be always there.

I described how to save Playing Techniques as defaults above.

If you don’t want to follow @benwiggy’s route and save them as defaults, you can use the library manager to move both playing technique and playback techniques between projects.

Thank you so much benwiggy.

Ravindran Viswanathan

Thanks Janus, yes that’s another route, will use that too.

Ravindran Viswanathan