Exp Maps with Spitfire UACC (Some triggers not working)

For those not familiar, Spitfire UACC is a method of changing articulations via CC32 data, instead of keyswitches. They have set up their libraries with a standard, CC32 set to 20 = Legato, CC32 set to 8 = Flautando, 42 is spiccato, 40 is staccato…etc.

I’m trying to set up Dorico to use this, and Dorico seems to have all the right options to do so, however some just don’t activate. Are there some symbols/technique text in the Expression Map editor that just don’t work? It’s hit or miss for me, and I don’t understand why. I have tried both creating the expression map in cubase, then importing to Dorico, and creating it in dorico.

Triggers that work:

Flautando (text)
Staccato Dot (symbol)

Triggers that don’t work:
Spiccato (text)
Staccatissimo Dot (symbol)
Legato (text)

Should these be working? Am I experiencing a bug?

My sounds are loaded into kontakt hosted in VE Pro, running Windows 7.

There is another articulation method Spitfire uses, UACC KS. This basically works the same as UACC, but instead of sending CC32 numbers, it’s velocity numbers on one keyswitch. (Which then means you can trigger 2 or more articulations at once to layer). This appears to be supported given the Expression Map setup UI, however I have been unsuccessful at getting any articulations to change. Also worth mentioning is that when using note events, we have to enter note numbers. Just verifying that Dorico considers note 0 to be be C (negative) 2.

I think it was mentioned before the weekend that they would try to put up a list of what’s implemented over the weekend…

And now I seem to have a different set of Triggers working and not, which leads me to believe it’s some kind of bug… similar, Fratveno, to your issue with dynamics not playing back under certain conditions.

Edit And now in a new file with just strings, trying to build an expression map has resulted in many Dorico crashes in a row. Including after a reboot.

Yes, I’ve also had a few crashes while working with Xmaps. I see now that the working triggers, as well as my dynamics problem and solution which I discovered this morning, are listed among Known Bugs and Limitations in PW’s post at the top of the forum…