Expand channels to new tracks by match criteria

Hi Nuendoers,

I’ve got a TV series here, where the video guy has cut only the first two channels of audio in AVID MediaComposer.
Obviously I will need to bring up the other audio channels as well.
In ProTools you would use the Expand channels to new tracks by match criteria function to create new audio tracks with the other recorded channels (lav mics, etc.)

Do I need to import the AAF to ProTools, do the magic and export to Nuendo, or is there a similar workflow for Nuendo?

Yes unfortunately you have to use some kind of third party tool at this time.

Thanks ErikG.
That’s quite annoying. Does “some kind of third party tool” imply that there is any other software than PT that can do it?


Fredo helped doing the list this days:
See Topic: conforming versa reconforming, conform vs reconform