expand horizontally the last staves of a flow

Hello, I’ve been searching but can’t find anything about it.
How to expand the last system/staves of a flow so it isn’t compressed to the left?
See attached image.

You need to address this in Layout Options.

  1. In Setup mode, choose the layout you want to change.
  2. Click the “cogwheel” icon at the bottom of the Layout column.
  3. Use the Pulldown on the left to choose Note Spacing.
  4. Adjust the indicated % value to grab a narrower system.


back on this topic, is there a way to expand the last system by just a tiny bit?

We can change the % of “only justify final system…” in the note spacing menu of the layout options, but this is basically acting as a ON/OFF. Either it is compressed on the left, or it is expanded to the page’s full length.
In this case (attached picture), I’d like the last bar to be a little larger, but not to take the whole page’s width. Is there a way to do this?

I believe, in Engrave mode, click on note spacing in the left panel.

A box will appear at the front and end of the system. If you ALT+Arrow the boxes, they move. CTL+ALT+Arrow moves in bigger leaps.


It’s the box that is at the bottom of the barline, if I remember correctly…

It is two different things: Robby, what you mention is the Note Spacing tool on the left (where one can shift position and spacing between single notes). To apply a different note spacing in just the last line, apply a System Break and then in the top Engrave Menu choose „Note Spacing Change…“
I did not find that option in a bottom Property panel, only „Space size“ (which relates to the staff size).

Dear k_b,

Robby and I were referring to another tool : when in Engrave mode, you can switch to Note spacing mode (left panel) and then you can tweak the horizontal length of the systems (using the little box at the bottom of the last barline). I hope this is clearer ! But thanks for pointing me to the Note spacing change… in the Engrave menu. I wonder why this is not in the properties of the system break (as Space size is).

thanks guys! this is very helpful