Expand Section Exclusively is not working as expected in Cubase 13.0.30

Great stuff. Thank you.

However, there are some strange behaviours with expanding sections in the MixConsole. With “Expand Sections Exclusively” deactivated, it behaves as is it were ticked. Pretty sure that CTRL-click used to allow 1+ sections to remain open, but that’s no longer working as far as I can see.

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So after testing again, it appears that whether “Expand Sections Exclusively” is ticked or unticked, the behaviour is identical EXCEPT when using CTRL-CLICK.

It’s not possible to have multiple sections open when “Expand Sections Exclusively” is unticked, whether CTRL is used or not.

Is this happening for you also in fresh projects or only in certain projects that were created in older versions?

All projects were created in Cubase 13, and also with fresh projects using either my default template or an included Cubase template (eg Stereo Acoustic Guitar).

We can reproduce this issue with specific projects. But it’s working as expected with fresh projects and other projects. The team is looking at it.


This is a major bug, I would say. I don’t manage something ‘big’ like this since ages after a maintenance update

I think it’s a very important feature in the work flow of thousands of Cubase users: there will be a fix in a 13.0.31 or something? Or we have to wait another maintenance?


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