Expanded software plug in for montage M

the expanded software plug in for montage M has just been released
so put in my code, Steinberg download manger put in the download link
i activated it, downloaded it got a green box but no tick on the green box
installed plugin all good with installation
loaded up cubase 13 to find plug in and it does not show up,
did a rescan still not present
checked all the down load files where on PC and VST dll all present
cannot work out why the plug in does not appear

Hi and welcome to the forum,

First of all, are you on Windows or Mac, please?

Is the plug-in VST2.4 or VST3? If the plug-in is VST2.4 and you are on Windows or Intel Mac, did you set the path to the VST2 plug-in correctly? If the plug-in is VST2.4 and you are on Silicon Mac, did you start Cubase in the Rosetta mode?

Can you see the plug-in in the blocklist?

Btw, is it a VST or VSTi?


Are you sure it’s a VST3 plug-in? I’m not aware there is a functionality to download a plug-in in Cubase.

You mentioned DLL file, but VST3 plug-ins are using the *.vst3 extension.

Is it VST or VSTi?


Sorry, English is not my first language.

I’m also confused by your informations.

What exactly do you mean by this please?

And what do you mean by this?

Steinberg… what?