expanding or filtering midi tracks from an instrument track


Id like to do two questions,

  1. I use folders for ordering by section (Brass, Strings, Synth, Drums, etc) but not to mix. How can I open/close all folders in the project?, not one to one.

  2. Id like to know if its possible to select(or filtering visibility) all midi tracks linked to an Instrument track. For huge projects with a lot of tracks. When I´m mixing I have Audio Groups and VST Instruments with automations, eq, inserts, …, a lot of them, I sometimes listen something in a group and Id like to access to the source midi tracks quickly like audio group tracks.

I work with a Nuage console and If I want to select audio tracks from a group is easy, just expanding it. But not with VST tracks and the midi tracks.

anybody know how to do it?



  1. Ctrl/Cmd+Click to the parent folder. All sub-folders are expanded too.

  2. In the VST Instrument Racks click to the Input Options > Select all Inputs of the Instrument.

Thanks a lot Martin,

About second question, Do you know if we can do a shortcut for his function? Id like to assign it to a Nuage user button. I don´t find the function in these options.

I don’t think so because then it must be somehow dynamic, because this is Instrument related. So if you have 1 instrument, you have 1 button, but if you have 10 instruments, you will get 10 buttons. If it would be there, I would expect it in Generic Remote, but I didn’t find it.