Expanding Quick Controls in VST Beyond 8?

Hello everyone,

I’m using Quick Controls in Cubase, specifically the Focus Quick Controls and Selected Track Quick Controls for VSTs, which are currently limited to 8 controls each. My performance setup requires automatic reassignment of my controller’s 16 encoders and 16 faders to these Quick Controls for each selected track and its main instrument VST.

Despite fully utilizing the available 8 controls through remote script options, I need more. Is there a way to extend the number of Quick Controls beyond 8 for each VST and track?

Thank you.

You can go for the instrument quick controls instead, and you can set your bank of parameters to 32 (16 encoder + 16 faders). Then you can even have buttons for navigating through these banks, having even more parameters available.

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Thanks for your suggestion @m.c ! I managed to add more parameters for instrument Quick Controls as you showed in the picture. I used the function browser in the MIDI remote page to add these parameters. However, I’m having trouble finding where to assign these parameters to the Quick Controls for instruments. Could you point me to the right section for this?

Also, regarding the VST Quick Controls, it seems there’s no way to increase the number beyond 8, right?

Sure. In each VST you can open its Remote Control Editor and make your maps there.

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Thanks a lot, @m.c !

I’ve just given it a try, and I really appreciate the functionality. The one aspect I’m missing, though, is the visual representation of the controls while I’m working through the instruments.

It’s convenient to have the visual feedback for the 8 Quick Control sections in the VST, as well as the display for the Quick Controls of the selected tracks.
A similar quick visual reference for these Insturment quick controls assignments would be quite helpful while performing and navigating through tracks.

But for the purpose of assigning extra controls, this solution meets my needs.

You may want to try the generic editor view:



Wow that’s really the final missing piece of the puzzle.
Thanks alot.

Cool! Mind reminding me the controller you use?

Sure , Waves FIT controller.

But… This one has displays! Why not using them?

Actually, it is a quite new purchase and I haven’t gotten around to exploring the display features yet. Thanks for pointing that out—
I might check that as well.

I think you might want to have a look at midi remote scripts in this forum which are based on MCU, since from what I see Fit supports it. I haven’t tried them since I don’t own such controller, but I think it will make things easier, for example they probably have the quick controls displayed on the Fit’s screen and so on. But yeah, one step at a time :slight_smile:

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