Expansion of the Rupert Neve Designs plugin line? 5088 MixConsole VCM emulation with Shelford options?

Could be cool…

Portico II Channel

Primary Source Enhancer

Tape Emulator

With things, like Harrison Mixbus and Softube Console 1, and now Universal Audio Luna… It seems a lot of DAWs are starting to offer analog emulation as simply a built in component of the DAW, imparting a sound on everything the user does.

I would love to be able to turn on or off such an emulation in Cubase at any point in the project with a slightly alternate GUI, at least in the MixConsole .

I’d like to see this as a new extension of VST plugins, such that they are in the EQ / Channel Strip section of Cubase, such that you have the plugin’s “mini” UI right there in MixConsole, Channel Settings dialog, and the Project window Inspector section. That way you could choose different Channel Strips for different tracks, and they’d line up vertically, more like a real mixer, rather than the plugin windows. Of course, you can still open the plugin’s full UI when needed, too, but the mini view is nice to see/adjust quickly. And, of course you can assign the 8 Quick Controls, too.