Expected behaviour for Repeat function?

Hi all,

is this the expected behaviour for the Repeat function?
Repeat unexpected behaviour.gif
I would expect those repeated chord symbols to start in bar 25…


Dorico has absolutely no way of knowing how long a chord symbol lasts. It’s thus expected behaviour that R will work unpredictably.

Hey Leo!
Understood… :wink:
However, since the first chord symbol sits on beat one of a bar, I had hoped Dorico would choose the next possible first beat of the first available bar with no chord symbols, or just the next beat one after the selection.
If at all possible, I’d like to turn this into a feature request, please!

Many thanks,

It strikes me (as a lowly user) that making the behaviour more predictable in this situation would make it less predictable in other situations. For example, you might want the repeat to start on the second beat of the second bar, or the first beat of the next bar, or halfway through the third beat (or anywhere else!).

If you’d made a selection that included some actual notes, Dorico would respect that selection and repeat accordingly. Because you’ve just selected chord symbols (which have no Duration at all), Dorico can’t know exactly what you want.

Makes sense, thanks! :slight_smile: