Experience with B&H Photo??

My computer just crapped on me. I had a 2015 MacBoo Pro and the screen just went all wonky with these lines going through it. I’ve been buying my gear from resellers on ebay or Amazon for new. My Macbook I just spoke about was technically used or refurbished. I’m going to buy new this time around. I was trying to research B&H to see if they are good company and found this article: https://www.photographytalk.com/photography-articles/7404-9-alternatives-to-b-h-photo-that-you-can-trust . Turns out there are a few more companies that sell computers and are in the photography space.

So questions:

Assuming pricing was the same, which is the best place to buy from those?
Any coupon codes THAT work? I tried a few I found online, but they don’t work.
If you bought new MBP, did you go with the Vega 20 video card? Is it worth the $400 extra they are charging for it?

Alright that is it for me. Thanks for your help.

If you’re in NYC you could maybe try a repair place like Rossmangroup (Louis Rossman on YouTube) as they might be able to fix your screen, in case you otherwise like the computer.

Other than that my only experience with B&H is that I bought a thing or two at a good price and with good warranty / return policy. I actually dislike the physical store for various reasons, but the price / policy was good. Can’t speak for other places.