Experienced user wierd audio probs

These issues are since the major Windows 10 update I think its called “Creative”

My machine is a Win 64m intel 5820 system, plenty of Ram. I run a Focusrite Liquid 56. All drivers are up to date. I have two TVs as monitors and they have worked well until recently. They load additional drivers, that are currently enabled - but I have had them disabled too.

I am not sure if this issue is graphics or audio related. The symptoms are odd.

they can include:

On boot up all video in browsers is frozen, no audio even from media players. If I then go to the speaker icon in windows select the non Focusrite driver (e.g. a TV audio driver), everything starts working including picture, I can then select the Focusrite (Saffire) again and it works fine.
I have had issues with lip synching in the browsers using Utube, for example. These seem to have disappeared since updating the graphics driver.

Running Windows troubleshooter for audio only seems to gum up the works further. I have to reset the default device.

I have tried deep reinstalling drivers cleanly

Does anyone recognize these issues?

Not sure how to proceed?


A lot of people have had graphics problems caused by the creators update. For example:https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=250&t=119230

The update installs a generic graphics driver that seems to fail on most hardware. There’s usually a warning. I’m not sure if you restored the OEM graphics drivers. If not, then that would be a start.

Otherwise, you could look into “which audio system” issue. It seems to me that DAWs in general bypass the normal Windows audio system, living in an alternate universe dominated by the digital audio interface. The system sounds (including Utube) are (or should be) excluded from the DAW audio system. They should be handled by the non-Focusrite drivers and the speakers attached to the normal sound card.

The Focusrite (and its drivers) only apply to Cubase. If Focusrite appears as an audio device in Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Manage Audio Devices, then if should not be selected with the green check mark. (Nor should it be the selected audio device according to the list (indicated by ^) that opens after you click the speaker icon in the lower right part of the Windows task bar.) It’s fine if the Focusrite doesn’t show up or work at all, as long as it works in Cubase.

You definitely want to see the Focusrite driver in Cubase > Devices > Device setup > VST Audio System >ASIO driver.

Thank you for a considered reply. Why in your opinion should the other devices outside of Cubase run on some other driver? When I change to other drivers the sound degrades. I use Utube for example, for piano lessons. I am not using Cubase at the moment, though I am a long term user.

I have my system set up this way. I really don’t want Windows event sounds showing up in my mix, even if they won’t appear in the recording. So I’ve got my studio monitors attached to me digital interface and my regular sound card patched into my stereo. Then when I go to Utube for piano lessons, bass lessons, orchestration online, cubase production hint videos, etc… it plays back through the stereo speakers, while my piano/bass/whatever plays back through the studio monitors. The browser, the VLC player, the system sounds have all been tested with (and expect) a mundane sound card.

I find this approach clean and simple in practice, despite its initial apparent complexity.

Thank you Colin. I think this is a preference thing then. For me, when I record I can simply turn off the widows sounds. I have one set of surround speakers which I use mostly in stereo (front pair). Usually - i.e. when not troubleshooting, I disable or uninstall all but the Saffire (Focusrite) driver.