Experienced WaveLab

Hi I couldn’t wait any longer so I have downloaded WaveLab Elements 9 trial version actually I don’t have any experience with this sort of software so now I can learn it and check out its features!

I have made a piece of music on Cubase 8.5 just to see how to master it on wavelab9, actually I don’t really understand the graphic meters and a few other inner details of how this software works as its all totally new for me anyway I have literally done the best I could from what I understood please listen to the music after mastering WaveLab EL9 trial version and let me know how I have done.

Also I would appreciate if there is anyone who fully is experienced with wavelab9 could properly master this music for me, I can send them the same clip before mastering so I can compare the two and see how I am at mastering!
This will help me in making up my mind for weather or not to purchase the full version!