Experiences with Mac Pro tower and Nuendo

Hi All,

Am considering buying a new Apple Mac Pro to update my studio’s DAW computer.
Anyone here has one and using it with Nuendo? Interested in tips on configurations, storage drives to add on, etc.


I’m not lucky MacPro 7.1 owner :sweat: But this colleague has a MacPro:

Send him an email

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Yes, we have 1 Mac Pro 7.1 (3.2 16core Intel/48gb ram/Radeon Pro 580X 8gb/rack version) in one of our studios running Nuendo 11. OS is Catalina. It run’s really smoothly.
3 monitors attached (1xHDMI and 2xUSB-C>DVI), 1TB SSD and it is attached to a 16TB EVO server for audio and video (@10gBit). Next year we are replacing our second Mac Pro 5.1 for a new 7.1

Best, Alan

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Will do thanks.