Experiences with UR824???

Anyone here willing to share your experiences with UR824?
I´m thinking of buying one but it´s quite hard to find any user experiences in internet forums.
It´s always the MR series mentioned:-)
It looks to be a great soundcard to me.
Is it stable, drivers, ok to record 16 channels or more at the same time, preamps and so on.
How does it stand up against Focusrite and Rme cards?

I will be veeeeeery greatful for answers!


Hi There

I have VERY recently bought an 824, had a Presonus Firetube which got hit by lightning, took out the firewire and couldn’t be repaired, also have a Mackie Onyx 1640i which was originally on the main studio machine. Insurance paid got the 824 and immediately put it into the main studio machine instead of the Mackie. OK impressions,the USB is fast, faster than the Mackie’s firewire, better latency. The mic pre’s are very clean, although I had a strange problem with a vocalist with a BIG voice who was driving everything into the red, had to turn on the pad :open_mouth: ,it worked well however(using a Blue mic).The onboard DSP is nice, I only use the reverb for monitoring in the booth but it is very smooth and musical, the compressor is…a compressor :slight_smile: and seems to work fine, maybe I’ll get more idea of it’s character with more use. If you use the 824 with C7, ALL 824 routing and levels(aside from inputs obviously) can be controlled within C7, with control room enabled it’s a pleasure to use, I must emphasize that I didn’t find the Control Room aspect that easy to set up(maybe I’m stupid), went through the manual a few times, eventually figured it though, a few settings in the C7 mixer had to be adjusted, Cue Sends being the main culprit, needed to first enable them and set them pre fader,(in order to give the performer a totally separate mix)a slight issue here Steiny, would like to have new tracks to automatically have the cue sends pre fader if I wish. Overall I am really enjoying it, it has definitely improved my sound overall, the routing can be a bit complex at first, especially as I previously did everything in hardware on the Mackie, but once you’re used to it… :slight_smile:
Best Regards

Dave Abbott


Are you saying the cue sends are always post fader? seems crazy the whole point of cue sends is they’re independent of the mix.

I’ll have to check that, that might be why my cue’s sometimes don’t sound the way i thought they should level wise.


I assume you’re familiar with the procedure outlined on page 225 C7OMen (See also the C7 Advanced Mixconsole tutorials). This quickly becomes a part of the workflow.

Really good interface :sunglasses:
I used to work with a Focusrite LS56 and/or a Mackie 1640i, now the 824 is my main interface, I use it with cubase7 on a MacOsX.
I have recorded yesterday a drum on 14 tracks in 24/96 with no stability problem. I was surprised how the USB is fast on this interface.
The converter are pretty good, the pre are clean, the integration in cubase make it really easy to use.
Now I have more time for recording because I spend less time for setting up the DAW.

I have not directly compared the LS56 with the UR824 on the same session, but I can say you that I have never used the LS56 as main interface since I the 824 arrived. Now I use mainly the 2 liquid pre on the LS56 and the “line in” to connect outboard pre.

Just missing a few features on the 824 :

  • insert on 1 or 2 pre
  • line in that bypass the D pre
  • midi in/out
  • SPDIF in/out
  • more detailled input level indicators for each channel

A little tip when using Control Room for cue sends. This is probably obvious, but if you don’t need independent control over all you RECORDED tracks (tracks already in Cubase), you can just enable all the cue sends (pre-fader of course) on the master out and not have set up complex multi channel mixes. My experience is the important cue mix levels are on the INPUT channels…

I’ve received my UR824 about two hours ago, and straight away upgraded the firmware and Tools and USB driver. The first twenty minutes playing with it have been very positive (!), I can run 44.1khz 24 bit at 64 sample buffer size, less than 5ms latency in and about 5ms latency out, on my laptop, sounds good. (There was noise running at 64 sample buffer size before the firmware upgrade and USB driver upgrade - don’t know which solved it.)

There is SP/DIF on the unit - you can change the ADAT inputs/outputs into SP/DIF ins and outs.

I came onto the forum because I haven’t yet seen how to integrate the hardware into the new C7 mixer.


yes I seen that, but I want to say SPDIF in/out with coaxial connections, because I have an old unit that only have SPDIF connectors for digital I/O, so I can’t use it with the UR824 without a converter. :wink: