Experimented with Tempo detection now have a mess

C 7.5
I need help quickly…
I brought a song in Audio format to create MIDI tracks to
at first i thought I’d try Time Warp couldn’t get that right so I tried tempo detection
which did a great job except for a very rubato beginning…
tempo was pretty steady so I delted temo track data and set to the 117.5004
but the problem is If I change the tempo at all it move the MID track length
I don’t want that
In the drop down window Bars and Beats are selected
but at the bottom so is Bars and Beats Linear That needs to change back to Musical I think
How do I do that


I think I understand your issue to be that you have a MIDI track that you DO NOT want to be affected by tempo changes?

If so, go to the Inspector for that MIDI track and be sure the track is set to TIME based (instead of tempo). Now whatever you do with the Tempo Track, the MIDI data won’t move.