Explain the virtue of ASIO-Guard and Record Latency in WL?

Q: Does the ASIO-Guard affect the Rendering process? While using plugins?
Q; Does ASIO-Guard affect the External Efx latency?
Q: Does Record Latency Adjustment affect only the Recording process of WL?
Q: Does Record Latency Adjustment affect the Rendering process?

Q ;When I installed WL 11, how did WL determine that my ASIO-Guard should be set at 10ms?

On a fresh installation, the default value is 75 ms, not 10 ms.

Only if you have any realtime rendering.

Yes, it increases it.

Thank you for this info, PG. I had reset my ASIO-Guard to 25 ms after seeing it was at 10 ms but now I will set it to 75 ms.

I see you ignored my questions about the Record Latency Adjustment? I’m not sure why. Obviously it is available to be adjusted, so can you at least give me a scenario where there might be a time and a reason to use it?

Is it intended for those people wanting to record a live track that supports a prerecorded track?

Q: Does it’s adjustment affect the Rendering process when using External analog efx while mastering?

Yes (in the montage).

Thanks, PG. I will brush up on all things cryptic.