Explode choir to SATB - unexpexted result

When I do an explode operation from a Compresseed Choir to SATB 4-staff choir I get a lot of notes. 5 notes (SATTB ends up in SSAATTB).
See Picture!
Why? What can cause this? I have copied the non Orange notes to the clipboard and pasted special to 3 bars beneath (Orange notes). That’s not what I’d expected.
Any advise?

I agree there are sometimes strange behaviours with explode function. I reported this example with multi voices : https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=142551&p=766778#p766778
As for now, if I want to explose a 2 or 3 parts stave into separate staves, it’s most of the time a laborious work. I often have to re explose some passages.

I hope the team will improve this feature in a near future.

In your case, I would suggest to explose sepatly SA and TB to get better results.

I agree with Florent’s recommendation that you should try exploding SA and TB separately. You have up to seven parts there, and Dorico doesn’t know that you want the top staff to go to the top two staves and the bottom one to go to the bottom two staves, though that’s obvious to a human it’s less so to a computer program that has to try to take a general approach to the disposition of parts when exploding.

Thank you for the replies.
My thought was that it would be obvious , even to the computer, that exploding choir to a 4 staff SATB I want the upstem voice to be Soprano and the downstems to be Alto and so on. Is it really difficult for a computer to have this implemented, or is it so that it’s just not taken into account when Programming the explode function for choir? Will it be done in the future, or is to much to hope for?
I very much appreciate Dorico, but this behaviour would be of great benefit to me (and many others I think). :slight_smile:

I would definitely not rule it out for the future, but it’s not how Explode works at the moment. It tries to identify the total number of independent musical lines – which does not necessarily correspond to the actual voices, as indeed it normally would not when e.g. exploding a passage of chords in a single voice to multiple brass instruments, or whatever it might be – and then distribute them as best it can into the provided number of destinations.

Ok. I will pray for it to happen then. :slight_smile:
So for now I think the quickest way to achieve my 4 staff SATB from compressed choir is to Select, filter voices and paste.
Thank you for the answers anyway.