'Explode' music from one stave to two staves (G -> GF)

I am importing an XML file into Dorico, and the notes all come into a single treble clef stave. This is okay, but I would like to split this music across a piano roll (notes at and above middle C onto the treble clef, notes below middle C onto the bass clef).

Is there a way to do this?

My guess is to select all those notes destined for the bass clef, then (assuming you have an empty bass clef ready), select alt/option M to move them to the clef below.

Have a look at this

RobF offers the easiest way I can figure out how to do it. It is very, very time consuming. We really need a “renotate” function like a certain other notation program offers.

I have had some luck with exporting the offending passage as midi then importing it back in. It usually splits okay.

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If one’s music is simple enough, one could also use the Copy/Paste Special-Explode function.

If this is indeed an XML file, then the original notes will all have been on a treble stave! I would go back to the source and correct it there…

Thanks Janus. Unfortunately the XML file is being output by OpenMusic and so I don’t have the ability to edit it there. Option+M for the win!