Explode not working as expected

The passage I tried to explode has a varying number of voices. I thought it would allocate them to the destination staves in order of appearance. All it does is paste the entire passage into the first selected stave.

Dorico can currently only make good sense of passages with a consistent number of voices when using Explode. We hope to improve this in future, but for now you’ll need to make sure you make a selection with a consistent number of voices in order for the feature to work as expected.

Thanks. I thought so. I compared it to explode in sibelius; which handles it, but incorrectly, by somehow re apportioning notes that are tied across a barline. The model in Dorico is much better. By selecting a note and then hitting the right arrow key the selection steps through the pitches correctly; it would be great if explode could do that initially to collect the separate notes for the paste.