Export Aaf in Nuendo live won’t associate wav files

Hi, I am trying to export Aaf from Nuendo live to Auria. The Aaf is recognised but says Auria can’t find associated wav files. Any help appreciated.

What were your export settings?

Hi, Broadcast Wave File

I quote from the manual:

The AAF file contains only references to the audio files within the project. When you want to export your project for further editing, you have to include both the AAF file and all audio files belonging to the original project.

If you have forgotten this, then this could be a reason why it does not work. :grinning:

How do you include audio files? I can only mix to a stereo mix and it still gives the same message. I really appreciate your help.

I was asking about the settings in this dialog box:

If it can’t find associated files it could be that you chose under “Options” “Export Media File References”, and if you do that the software that imports the AAF has to support having audio files in a separate location and then you’ll have to locate those files in that other application.

The other way of doing it, which I think by now is the preferred way, is to choose “Export All To One File” which should give you one AAF file with all audio embedded into it.

Hi Mattias, I’m using Nuendo Live 2 and can’t see that option.

Does this dialog box even exist in “Nuendo live”? There is no information about it in the software manual. Only the following information:

Exporting to AAF
If you want to edit your recordings in DAW software other than Nuendo, you can export the
project as an AAF file.
In the Project settings, Broadcast Wave File is selected as Record File Type.
● Select File > Export AAF File.
The project is exported to the project folder as a single AAF file.
The AAF file only contains references to the audio files that are used in the project. If you want to edit your project after the export, the DAW must have access to the original audio files.

It sounds to me like there are no other setting options there. However, I don’t own the software, so I could be wrong.

I’m not familiar with Auria, but isn’t it enough to copy/move the audio files from the Nuendo live project folder to the Auria folder? So in the same folder where the AAF files are located?

The Auria manual states:

To import an outside AAF project from a computer to the iPad, the recommended method is to first zip the entire AAF into one folder which contains both the .aaf file and the individual audio files, and then use iTunes File Transfer to copy that Zip file onto the iPad. Auria will automatically unzip the AAF folder and then display it under the Import AAF file option in the Main Menu.

Note: The AAF format only supports audio data, and will ignore any MIDI data inside a project. To transfer MIDI tracks between DAWs a second step of exporting a Standard MIDI File will need to be performed.
Additional note: After importing an AAF project into Auria it is recommended to delete the original AAF folder in order to save space. During the import process Auria will automatically create a new project bundle which includes all the needed audio files, making the original AAF folder no longer needed.

Sorry, I missed that this was the “live” version, I just saw “Nuendo” top left corner.

I’ve seen that but just don’t know how to give access to the wav files

No problem. I really appreciate your time. Steve

Your recording folder is displayed in the record panel.
There you will find the WAV files you recorded.

Hi Mas, thank you for your time, I have opened up record panel but it appears the files are saved as nlpr files and not wav unless I’m doing it wrong.

“.nlpr” is the extension for the project files of “Nuendo live”.
Unless you have changed this, “Nuendo live” creates a separate recording folder within the project folder. (That is, where the project files are located.)
If you have assigned a different location for your recording folder, the location should also be displayed in the recording panel:

I can find the project folder but it still exports as nlpr. Am I missing something? I can’t find the wav files needed for Aaf transfer.

Did you set the format to “Broadcast Wave File” under “Record File Type” in the project settings?


Yes but when I look at the record panel there is no listings of recordings but they still play.

There is only something displayed when you set markers.

Can you please take a screenshot of your recording panel?

Please have a look at the properties of your project folder. If it is only a few megabytes in size, then it really only contains the project files and the WAV files are in a different folder.

You can change the recording path in “Nuendo live” at any time and this will then apply immediately. If you have changed the path in the meantime, the old path will no longer be displayed in the recording panel.


Well, “Nuendo live” shows 0 minutes under “Total recording”. This means that “Nuendo live” thinks it has not made any recordings in the current project. But since you can’t load audio files into “Nuendo live”, your tracks have to come from somewhere. And “Nuendo live” can obviously still access the files. Otherwise the program would normally display an error message that it can no longer access the audio files.

The folder C:\Users\Essex\Desktop\TF 1 Nuendo Recordings\Audio shown in the recording field contains only the “.nlpr” project files, correct? No other subfolders and no other files? Have you checked the size of the “Audio” folder?

By the way, some of your audio tracks are cross-hatched. In Nuendo that usually means that events overlap.

Here’s what I would do for now: I would export your recordings as an audio mixdown. Then you have a backup of it. Unless the recordings are not important. Then I would recommend you to create a completely new project.
If “Nuendo live” can play the recordings in the project, then they are there and you have to search for them. In Windows Explorer you can only search for WAV files by searching for “.wav”. You may have to make hidden folders visible in Windows. You can find the settings for this in the control panel.

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