Export All Layers

Hi - any chance of an “export all layers” command (as well as export active layer)?


gosh I thought that was already in - I remember asking for this back in v4 (which I did not upgrade - thinking about upgrading now tho)

Yes I was thinking the same thing, wondering if there was a way to automatically export all layers back into Cubase as wavs from the ARA window. Ended up having to solo each layer and then bounce to new tracks one-by-one in Cubase, would be a fantastic time-saver if there was a quick/easy way!

It’s coming with the second patch.

excellent that is great news

Awesome!!! :smiley:

Most excellent news!!

Right before I implement this, just to be sure : this option is going to export stems.

Meaning, if you have a layer starting at 10 seconds on the timeline and ending at 15 seconds, the exported file for that layer will be 15 seconds long (starting with 10 seconds of silence), and not 5 seconds long.

I think that’s what most of you are expecting ?


Is it possible in the ARA context in cubase to export between the locators? I’m mostly using it when I master, so I’ll have all the songs laid out in their running order. So the last song on the album might start at 45 minutes on the timeline. If i have to unmix stems for that song, would be a bummer to get multiple 45 minute stereo wavs exported from SL7 (and they’d be massive at 96khz) :wink:

There’s no File menu in ARA, that export stems feature is intended for the stand-alone version.
That being said regarding ARA export we have something much better coming…

Cool, I suspected that there would be limitations with ARA :slight_smile:

Awesome! :smiley:

Any version/update estimate for this feature? Which, by the way, would be most excellent!

I can’t announce much about it as it also depends on other announcements, but it’s coming this year.


i use nuendo logic melodyne WaveLab and mpc …never looked into ara
my workflow is splitting both stems and components of stems in spectral layers and whatever processing…at the moment i move the resulting layers one by one to a folder ready for whichever daw, id like a button which would move all the complete separate layers to a folder rather than one mixed layer or separate individual layers.