Export audio broadcast wav

I’m writing to video, and I’ve exported audio as broadcast wav. But when I add the clip and audio into davinci resolve it can’t sync the two with timecode. Am I missing something?

might it be 44.1 vs 48kHz?

Broadcast WAV files exported by Dorico contain the initial timecode position of the start of the audio file, but that’s (I think) the only way in which they differ from regular WAV files.

I think the problem I’m having is that one of my flows starts before the video and has a negative timecode start. Any ideas of how to deal with that?

Presumably you can set up the timeline in DaVinci to start at an appropriate negative timecode as well?

I had a look at the file headers for the broadcast wav files in this project.
The first flow in this piece starts 2 seconds before the video so I was able to just drag the video over and it sync’ed fine; well enough. The second flow starts at about 91 seconds (00:01:30:22) into the piece and the editor was able to sync the file with timecode. In the screen shot you can see that the time reference for the second file is 4364000 (91seconds * 48000) which is correct. The time reference for the first file is in error. I have no idea if BWF even supports time references less than zero or if there’s some bug somewhere. Anyway, if it is a bug I wanted to bring it to your attention. Thanks for your time and attention!

as an addendum, and resolution to the problem, I ended up rewrapping the video with a timecode that starts at 01:00:00:00. After this everything sync’ed up properly as the flows that started before the video still had positive timecode starts.