Export Audio feature requests:

  1. Progress bar instead of the program seeming to freeze. I’m on a Mac, and it just rainbows for a while. It’d be good to know for sure esp for long files that it’s actually doing something.

  2. Ability to custom name the exported audio file as opposed to current where i have to wait for it to export and then rename afterwards.

  3. Ability to ‘export selection’, as in a set of bars not necessarily an entire flow.

Yes, I agree with all of these requests and I hope we will be able to implement them in future.

I recognized that in playback and also when you export music as mp3/wav the repeat endings are not played and so the export is not correct.
So i had to create a new version without repeat endings bevor exporting the music and also to hear the hole composition correct.
Can i change this as an option somewhere?
Or could this be made possible in future if it´s not possible now?

Playback of repeats is on our list for future versions.