Export audio from Layouts

Dear fellow Doricians,
I just have tried something that I thought would be very easy, and it appears it is not…
I engraved an excerpt of a vocal score from an opera with many different singers have different lines. I created a layout for each singer (singer+piano) so that each and everyone has both the full score and a smaller and clearer score with their line only. The problematic bit is when I want to export the audio of those individual layouts : it simply is not possible to export by layout.
Ok, then I thought about muting all voices but one and the piano, and repeat for each voice (and change the name of the export). This is a little bit tedious but… It does not work, probably because I am using NotePerformer and the mute buttons of the NP mixer do not seem to matter at all when an audio export is performed.
Any solution (apart from using HALion)?

Unless you tick the option to export each instrument separately, Dorico exports audio from the score at the top of the Layout panel (in Setup mode). Assuming your vocal scores are Score Layouts, it should be easy enough to just drag the relevant one to the top of the panel, export audio, manually rename to something useful, drag the next one to the top of the list and repeat.

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I tried soloing a player in the NotePerformer mixer, but when I exported audio I could never find any trace of the resulting audio file.
Dorico seemed to be going through the motions (progress bar) but no discernible file output. I though the Solo option might be easier than muting, but so far no luck.

Certainly Dorico played back the soloed part just fine; so I have no idea what happened to the output file. Fortunately I do not need to use this option myself at present. Sorry I could not be more help.

Thanks, Leo ! Reading your answer reminded me of a previous post, I completely forgot about it. I’ll try to remember that particular behaviour until export audio is changed for the better. It’s probably the easiest solution for now!

This is one of those areas that we haven’t yet had a chance to address. It stems from a couple of conflicting requirements. For the purposes of video support, Dorico has to be able to attach all flows to a concrete point in a timeline, since videos are logically attached to a specific timecode position. However, the user also wants to be able to switch a layout and press play and hear only what’s on screen (in terms of flows and players). In simple cases, these two can co-exist, but it gets more complex if you have multiple flows that don’t appear in the main full score layout (eg if you’re using them as ‘versions’ or for sketching ideas). Furthermore, the audio export dialog currently allows export of flows rather than layouts.

We will need to rethink the relationship between flows, layouts, players and videos at some point, because it does limit the usefulness of audio export.

Thanks Paul for your explanation. I have no doubt that, when time comes, this will all be possible. But anyways, Leo’s technique should work in the meantime : create full scores with the different combinations needed, and putting them up high in the layout list before export. Nice workaround I think!

This is properly off the original subject…
It would be revolutionary to be able to assign a start time to a flow within a project. So flows could overlap, like DP’s chunks.
As flows can be flexibly assigned to frames this would allow for music that runs at different tempi etc.

While I would personally have no use for this, this would be pretty cool. It would open a new door to modern composers.

Placing the layout to export at the top of the layout panel no longer works. Only the full score exports now.

pianoleo explained in a separate string that the topmost layout must be a full score type (not a part layout) in order to export properly

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It appears that part layouts do not export to audio, only the top score layout.
Try creating a temporary score layout that contains (only) the instrument from the part you wish to export.

(I admit this might be cumbersome if you wish to export many parts individually; but you can check and uncheck parts into your temporary “Export Score.”)

(Ah, wrldwdarr got there before me.)