Export Audio/Group Channel inconsistency

Hi all,

Contrary to what is stated in the User Guide, audio or group channels exported from the “Export Audio Mixdown” menu are always DRY (no processing)

From the User Guide Page 1022: “All audio channels that are available in your project are listed in the Channel Selection section. By activating an audio channel in the list, you instruct Cubase to mix it down to a file, including insert effects, EQ, etc.”

What I would like to do is export all my Group Channels with all the processing, in one pass, but the only way I’ve found to do this is soloing and exporting each group channel one by one.

Am I forgetting something?

Thanks in advance


Could you provide a screenshot of the Export Audio Mixdown window settings, please?

Do you export in real-time or offline? Aren’t your plug-ins bypassed?

Hi Martin,

thanks for writing,
After a lot of testing, I could see that inserted plugins and EQ are printed, and that Send to FX channel is not printed.
Is that the correct way?



Yes, this is correct way. Once you select to export a dedicated channel, you will export the output of the Channel. Not the whole signal chain. To the output the signal comes without Sends.

If you want to get the signal even with the Sends, you could Render in Place first (set the Whole Signal Path). Then you can export this Rendered channel.

Route the send FX through the group you want to export and the FX will be printed


Sometimes you just have a Vox mono track sending directly to stereo out. It doesn’t make sense to put this Vox track into a group, just to export.
What I’m doing now is exporting the vox and the Fx tracks as 2 separate files.

What I really don’t like in the way it’s implemented now, is that you don’t have the two most needed options in the “Export Audio Mixdown” menu. The completely dry export and the completely processed export.
These options are implemented in “Render in Place”, but you can’t render a group track, or you don’t want to import the file back to the project.

So, I think the most productive way would be to put these 4 options available in “Render in Place” into the Export Audio Mixdown menu.

thanks a lot and sorry for bad english