Export audio: how to manage name and folder?

I want to export audio from several flow for example A, B ,C from a project “exemple.dorico” in a mp3 folder…what I expect was A.mp3,B.mp3,C.mp3 files inside the folder “mp3”

When I try with dorico I obtain:
1.If I check all my flows in “export Audio” I obtain only one file with the flows appended in a new folder and with the
mp3\Flows from Untitled Project 1\Flows from exemple.mp3

2.If I check more with “Export each selected flows as a separate file”
I obtain a lot of new folder
\mp3\Flows from Untitled Project 1\A\exemple- A.mp3
\mp3\Flows from Untitled Project 1\B\exemple- B.mp3
\mp3\Flows from Untitled Project 1\C\exemple- C.mp3

Is it possible to have all my mp3 with only the name of the flow inside an unique folder?
Best regards

At the moment there are no settings that allow you to specify the folder structure or file names for exported audio files, but this is something we plan to add in a future version.

Ok thanks