Export audio issues - solved

It says unable to attach .spx file.

Hi Chris, it says you are not authorized to share this file. Can you share me your personal info or email id so i can share there.


Do you use an external drive to store your Audio files by any chance? How is your drive formated, please?

Do you use Cubase in Rosetta 2- or in the Native Mode, please?

I’ve copied some of my Cubase projects from my external SSD drive (which I’ve formatted to ExFat) to my hard disc of my Mac mini M1 and I’ve exported my audio tracks without any gaps!? I hope this was the solution and Cubase will work fine from now on.

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It seems, the ExFat format is the cullprint here. You are the 2nd user with the same result.

@Shyamal_Shah, @swed, could you also try?

Have Samsung 990 PRO, and have samsung T7 for external backup. No problem . Never format to exfat if its not to a eurorack module that need that.

So does it mean that

  1. If I save that project in my internal ssd, I shouldn’t get this problem?
  2. Which format to choose to avoid this error??


I understand the issue so, that if you save the project to any drive, which is not formated as ExFat (use the common macOS format), you shouldn’t have the problem. It doesn’t matter, if the drive is external or internal.

Okay. Let me work on it tomorrow… but the downside is I can’t use the drive on windows pc right?



Hi martin ,
Seems like the prob is solved… I saved in my Mac internal drive and export issue is solved … I’ll take backup of my proeject ssd and resolve it !!!

However a new problem has emerged, I recently purchased the UR44C … and I’m having trouble setting it up! It doesn’t get detected in my ur44 app nor I get any controls in Yamaha usb app… can’t select bit rate etc … can u please help with that?

Hi, I also face the issue of audio gap in cubase 13 Pro ! I recently purchase it for better work ! But what’s the solution for it ?

It was the Format of the HD where your files are located/exported. I had to format to Mac OS Extended an it solved the problem.

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