Export audio issues - solved

Since a few weeks I have some problems with exporting audio tracks. My exported tracks have a silent gap in it so it is unusable to me. I’ve brought my plugins/software up to date including my Mac OS to MacOS14.

Steinberg said my audio issue is a graphics problem from the MacOs14 and has advised me to downgrade to MacOS13 Ventura and try to reset the program preferences. I’ve installed the MacOS14 after I have the audio export issue so I’m wandering if that is the problem.

I’ve reset the program preferences and because that didn’t make any difference I’ve deleted everything and re- installed Cubase 12 PRO. But this also made no difference.

I’ve also recorded a sinus tone and exported it which gave me an audio gap. When I duplicated this track 3 times after the first track there was no gap. But by duplicated it 2 times, there were gaps.

When I imported a double copied track (for mastering) only the end of the second track has a gap. So I could deleted the copied track and have had a good audio track. When I exported this master track there are no export issues!?

When I’ve put off all plugins, inserts and sends I’ve got two gaps in my exported audio track.

In Garageband I have no issues.

Does anyone recognize this problem and are there tips I can try out? Cubase works fine besides the audio export and I don’t want to downgrade to Mac Ventura if it is not necessary.


Cubase is not macOS14 Sonoma compatible yet. Please, read this post.

I know but like I said, I’ve had this audio export issue before I’ve installed macOS14 Sonoma;).


Do you export to WAV? What is the settings? Do you export in real time or offline?

Do you use any plugin in the Trial/Demo mode by any chance?

It looks like the problem has been solved.
Old Cubase files still give me gaps while I’m exporting audio but new recordings ('till now) won’t. So it looks like re-installing Cubase helps.

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Today the export audio gaps are back again…
It looks like this:

Im facing the same problem. I think its the compatible issues of cubase with MacOS Sonoma. As other DAW are working fine. I initially thought it could be my soundcard that is overcooking but i tried exporting it without my audio interface, still i got the same problem. Downgrading the OS is only the solution it seems right now

@Shyamal_Shah, the known compatibility issue for Cubase on Sonoma is supposed to be solved with the recent Sonoma update (About the security content of macOS Sonoma 14.1 - Apple Support). Steinberg did not officially confirm an overall compatibility yet, but it’s worth trying to update to 14.1 before downgrading.

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It looks like the problem has been solved with macOS Sonoma 14.1. I’ve exported a track without a gap on it :slight_smile:


Damn, an export audio file from another track shows me a gap… So the problem hasn’t been solved.

Hi Chriss,
I downloaded the 14.1 update , it did solve the graphic problem. However the wav export still isn’t gone. I tried multiple ways today but no luck.

Hope they put a button on the track on cubase 13. For direct export and import to new Fresh track.


This is called Render in Place and a Key Command is assigned by default.

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Yes correct, i am maby dum. Coz i record clean sub with tone generator, and make a sideshain with a kick. And when i reader in place i dont get the volume differens from sideshain. And i use TAL-Filter-2 on the tone generator after recording to dial in the kick kurve. What do i wrong hehe. And one think i thing about is to have a sideshain stock plugin that follow the kick automatik from beginning and from that i can dial in sub up instead of down. Home you understand. This just to have control of the phase from the beginning. I dont know, maby my workflow is uppsida down when it come to low frequency?

That’s right - both are two different issues. We are analysing the wave export issue. Hope to have a solution soon.

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@Mo77 , @Shyamal_Shah , and all others affected by the audio export gaps:
Which sort of hard drives do you use (SSD? Hard Drive?)? How are they connected to your system? Ideally, send me your system report (as .spx) via Private Message.

Hi Chris,
Can you please help me how to export .spx file in Mac or Cubase?

  • Open “About this Mac” (in the Apple Icon Menu top left)
  • on the overview window, choose [System Report]
  • Save the report as .spx

There you go

(Attachment Shyamal.spx is missing)


(Attachment Shyamal.spx is missing)