Export Audio Mixdown and stems with sends

Here’s a thing when exporting stems:

I output my tracks into different Group Channels to be exported as stems. In the Export Audio Mixdown window, I choose Multiple Channel Selection. I check all the group tracks I want to export, and under Effects, I choose Groups/Sends or Master/Groups/Sends.

A fantastic feature! BUT:
This does not include the sends that are sent from the individual tracks before they go into the Group Channel. That means I have to duplicate each of the FX tracks so that I have one FX track per stem, routing them to each of the Group Channels before mixdown. I then have to change the individual track sends so that they go to the new FX track that corresponds with that track’s stem destination. An okay workaround, but still a bit of a hassle.

The alternative is still to do it the old way, soloing all the tracks I want in each stem, do an export with Stereo Out as the source, then repeat.

I would absolutely love it if the Audio Mixdown would also include all the sends from the individual tracks BEFORE they go into the Group Channel, when exporting that Group Channel with Sends during a Multiple Channels Mixdown.

Creating specific reverbs/effects for the individual STEMS is standard procedure.
So, if you have created a specific Room, then you create one that goes to your DX group, another one for your Foley Group, etc …
That way, you can Mute/Solo each group without having missing reverbs.


I agree with Fredo. Also consider that this is all fine as long as you’re only dealing with fairly ‘linear’ effects that won’t change depending on dynamics. If you decide to send from different ‘food groups’ into an FX track and you have anything dynamic on that FX track the effect will change once you start soloing the different ‘food groups’, which I think is not what you would want.

In other words if you send both dialog and fx into an FX track where a plugin is reacting non-linearly to the incoming level then when you solo dialog to output the stem you’re not getting the same effect as you’re getting in the full mix.

Fredo’s solution solves that and other problems.

Ah, I see. Yes, with dynamic FX this would introduce all sorts of problems - that’s why it would have to be an option (in this case it’s a simple reverb). :slight_smile: I currently use Fredo’s procedure, and it works okay.