Export Audio Mixdown Batch Manager

There’s a lot of audio mixdown batch export requests and suggestions

I’d like to start a new thread with my suggestion in saying that not just the feature of being able to add exports to a batch process, but the whole idea is you create and manage export presets in the export panel, then check mark the presets that you are going to batch export.

You could assign Start Audio Mixdown Batch Export to a hotkey (with confirmation to start) - so once you have a project set up it’ll be a simple matter of press hotkey, confirm and then you’re free to do other important work. This is what we need because right now in a production environment this process is labour intensive and costs money in the time taken.

A common workflow would be something like this:

  • make edits to the project according to client request
  • open export dialog panel, check mark the presets for the project, for example all stems at 96/32, stereo mix; wav 96/32, flac 48/24, mp3 44.1/16
  • press start
  • job done

Next time around:

  • Start Batch Export hotkey, confirm
  • job done

I would like a batch rendering process that would allow you to set up rending for all the songs in a project without further intervention. The work flow would be: 1) go through each song on an album making adjustments and improvements, 2) render all the songs in one go while I go off and do something else, 3) I come back and review all the resulting mixes in a listening session. This in itself would be worth an upgrade as opposed to yet another UI rework.


Unfortunately, this is the kind of thing that is so useful, but so non-sexy it will never happen.

If you’re on Windows, its exactly what it was built to accomodate:-

A deep, sophisticated tool; £50 GBP purchase.

Something to consider if you do this (kind of task) a lot…

I had no idea that MEAP/Phil were still around. Thanks for the tip.