export audio mixdown differences in length and volume

HI guys,

a small question, when I do an audiomixdown to for example .WMA or .W64 there seems to be differences.

the .WMA sounds not so loud when I reimported in a different track. (and the tempo/lenght of file of the .WMA is correct).

when I export to .W64, the volume is much louder and when I import it seems that the .W64 file is much longer than the original loop, and when playback you hear the .W64 is much slower… so it seems the lenght and volume is not the same comparing to .WMA.

any idea how this is possible?

Make sure you export with the right settings, if the project is in 44.1k export in 44.1k

yep this was it :slight_smile:
THX !!

192k instead of 44.1 makes the difference… where is the time I had a mixing panel of 92 chanels fades, peak meters, man man… digital world :slight_smile: