Export Audio Mixdown: "keep fader and pan setting" option / sample rate and bit depth in name

I am thrilled about the queue function in audio export, as I often need to send produce different stems in certain projects. One problem I have however noted is that disabling the insert effects in the queue will automatically set the volume fader of the channel to zero. To me that is a problem, as I sometimes lower the master fader a bit to avoid going over 0db. I will get a clipped file if exporting dry using the queue method. Am I missing something? I realise that in an ideal world all the channels should be lowered to avoid overloading the master bus, but these days it’s not always necessary, and can be too time-consuming. Today’s audio engines can deal with a lot of overhead.

Not sure about other users, but I absolutely need a “keep fader and pan setting” option for my exports.

I would also suggest adding a file naming option to automatically include the sampling rate and bit depth.


I would like to add that even the gain in the PRE section and any fader automation are ignored. I would say that that this a pretty important issue.

ignoring fader automation for dry export is something expected by many users as I read through the other comments. What you are asking for is a DRY+Fader/pan export right?

Exactly, also including the preamp settings. Obviously in addition to the options already available. Ideally the job queue should memorize specific bypass settings on the channel.

Makes sense. I aded to the poll on the other thread:

  • Checkboxes to select effects scope ([ ]volume (gain, fader, pan) [ ] Channel Strip [ ] Inserts [ ] Sends [ ] Post fader signal path [ ] with master effects).