Export Audio Mixdown of Individual Drum Track Midi

I am using Cubase Elements 9 and EZ Drummer 2 with Drumkit From Hell expansion pack. I have a Midi track containing drums and I’d like to export each piece of the drum kit (kick, snare, hi hat, toms, etc) to a separate WAV file so that I can EQ them in individually.

I understand the process that goes into it on the EZ Drummer 2 side…I’ve assigned all individual channels (11 total in my case) in EZ Drummer and I’ve also enabled all 11 output tracks in Cubase. My issue is when I go to File–>Export–>Audio Mixdown and the popup comes up to execute, I can only mixdown the entire song and I cannot choose to export an individual output track to a WAV file.

I’m using a Youtube video as a reference (https://youtu.be/Ekwy7JtQTSk) and in the Audio Mixdown screen popup, the video shows the VST Instrument audio output tracks on the left column. I do not have this option.

Is there a better way to do this? Is there a setting in Cubase I’m missing that will allow me to choose an individual track in the midi to mixdown? Or is it an EZ Drummer issue?

Any help you may be able to provide will be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!


Did you ever get answers or figure this out? I want to use Cubase 9 Pro to convert EZ Drummer MIDI files to WAV files to load onto an SD card for a Roland TD27 module. Andy help would be greatly appreciated indeed. Mark R. 9-12-20