Export Audio Mixdown - Post Process - Utility

Export Audio Mixdown - Post Process

In the default installation of Cubase the Export Audio Mixdown provides a Post Process facility to Upload to SoundCloud.

For my work flow I would prefer to open the folder containing the file I have just exported.
I did add this to the feature request forum, however it could be ages before such a facility might be provided.

Looking in the C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Audio Export Post Process Scripts folder the UploadToSoundCloud.aepp script can be found.
Actually this is just an xml file

There are a couple of interesting Tags called also and which means it is possible to customize the Post Process

The tag is basically a pointer to another xml containing details of the exported file (C:\Users\YOUR-NAME\AppData\Local\Temp\audioExportDescription.xml)
Luckily this file contains a tag containing the full path to the file just exported. This is all the data I need.

I wrote a simple application to read these xml file, and open the folder


If it is of any use to others I have made the files available here
CbOpenFolder.zip (8.51 KB)

Place the following three files in the C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Audio Export Post Process Scripts (You may need to modify the .aepp file if you have installed to a different folder: just use notepad.exe or similar.)

Open Folder.aepp – xml Process Scripts
Folder.png – icon
CbOpenFolder.exe – App to open the folder

Unfortunately for you Mac users I am a windows user, maybe some other user can provide a mac version

Hey, that’s really cool!!

Well, I made a quick context menu script the other day to turn selected WAVs into MP3s using the Lame encoder, really useful for quick conversion. I could no doubt combine this with your info to automatically create an MP3 from the new exported WAV, send it over to iTunes and even email it to other people - yep, the possibilities are endless :slight_smile:

Very useful information here, many thanks!


Why not use Windows explorer.exe with the /select switch like the one in your feature request (MAC version also available there by SteveInChicago)?
That way you don’t need to run a secondary application :wink:

Thanks Niles
I missed that post.
I agree that is a much better way.

Can anything be done about this: