Export Audio Mixdown - progress bar not working?

What an amazing update C8 is. Congrats Steinberg.

Has anyone noticed that when exporting an audio mixdown, the progress bar doesn’t show the progress? The export works fine, but there is no progress bar to watch. The box containing the progress bar pops up but the bar does not advance.

Anyone else notice this?


I seem to remember that was an issue for a time in 7.x.

Export was fine though. You just had to wait.

Same issue here!!!

-Cubase 8.5.15 PC W7 64bit
-Dual Xeon 12 Core
-Amd Radeon 6450 HD Fles

same issue

Yes. 90% of the time its a stuck

Yes, this has happened before and is most annoying: my version was okay till later today, I have not changed anything, C8 just decided to not show progress bar!?! It came back, for one project: the worse thing is the inability to cancel; this definitely has happened before in a previous version. UPDATE: read https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=226&p=527793#p527793 and wondered if this, also, was Graphic Card related, as had some odd vst behaviour, so just ‘clean’ installed Nvidia 362.00 from 364.72 and all is fine again :slight_smile:, for now…

Wow, just got this again but in Cubase 10.0.40
Cancel button doesn´t work either. Tried taking all plugins off the master bus but that didn’t help.

it would be better for you to post this in the Cubase 10 issues forum more people would see it there this is the section for Cubase 8 which is a few years old

ops, right - I came here via a search so I did’t notice.