Export Audio Mixdown settings

Hello, I’d clarify a detail about the Export Audio Mixdown process:

I need to export all VST instrument tracks to a 96KHz/24bit .wav separate files (batch export), but my project is actually set to 48KHz/24bit resolution.
Do I need to set (in the Project Setup window) that specific values (96KHz/24bit) before starting the audio mixdown or I can keep current settings (48KHz/24bit) and just set the final destination resolution 96KHz/24bit in the Export Audio Mixdown window (Audio Engine Output section)?

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The latter

Thanks for helping. The main difference between the two solutions (although I’d like to know the difference that the two options give…) is about the exporting time, as following (referred to one of my project I’m working right now):

Having the Project Setup to the same Export Audio Mixdown resolution (both at 96KHz/24bit) the exporting time is
2 minutes.

Having the Project Setup to its own resolution of 48KHz/24bit and setting Export Audio Mixdown resolution at 96KHz/24bit the exporting time is 7 minutes!

I’d like to know:

  • why this big exporting time difference?
  • is there a quality difference between the two exporting solutions?

    Thanks again.
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A:- Don’t know
B:- Don’t know

Just guessing:-

option a - changing the sample rate/bit depth at the project level will render in background any files to conform to chosen settings (i.e. conversion time is done before you get to the Export window…?)

option b - any conversion needed, is done at export and thus could take longer

:question: :question: :question:

Yes… it could be … I was also guessing if the plugins used in the project influence this process. I mean, if a plugin works at the exporting resolution or not could take less or more time for Cubase to render audio files … e.g. EastWest Symphonic Orchestra is sold with different resolutions,16 or 24 bit …

As far as I’m aware Cubase does not render in the background, so the pool files if 24bit then set project to 32bit will still be 24bit. The project bit depth setting does have an influence on any offline rendering eg audio processing and bounce audio.

I can only imagine the dramatic time difference comes from setting the samplerate from 48 to 96 in the project setup!!!

Are you sure the rendered tracks when doing this are the correct pitch and duration? as you will be halving the project duration and doubling the pitch!

Yes I know about that, thanks. No everything is the same, pitch and duration of files are the same with both exporting options.

Well I’ll be…