Export Audio Mixdown Window - why won't it scale??!!

So, C10…

Liking quite a few of the new changes, not bothered about some others…the new UI seems a bit better, though the flat look is a bit hit and miss for me.

Anyway, my issue: the Export Audio Mixdown Window.
Why does it not scale??
I do a lot of stem exporting and it seems insane that a) the output window is in the middle of the dialogue and b) like the dreaded remote controller window in settings, neither the window or that list CAN BE SCALED!
Lack of horizontal scale means I can’t actually see most of my channel name.
Lack of vertical scale means I only see about a quarter of them.
Lack of ability to scale the window myself means loss of hair (while I’m pulling it out) and a humor bypass, coupled with language that I won’t even be able to print here.

They layout is also a mess; I appreciate trying to get consistency in the style of dialogues, but this thing is all over the place…why is the export button to the left, instead of the bottom right for example? That’s textbook UI stuff that you shouldn’t ignore.

Come on guys; for an update that gets many things right, there are some real GUI oversights here.