Export - Audio MIxdown windows doesn't fit??

Hallo to everyone.
I recently upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7, Cubase Pro 8.5 and just installed the latest UPDATE.
I have a funny funny little thing happening and I guess I’m missing something really basic here.
Every time I open the Audio Mixdown window (from the File menu) it doesn’t fit.
However I try to resize or move the window I cannot access the Save and Cancel buttons on the lower edge of it.
Thew only way to get there is to move the windows task bar to the side of the screen but that’s not the way to go I guess.
Many thanks

After moving the taskbar can you get to the bottom right corner…you should be able to drag it smaller from there…unless it’s already at minimum size but unless your screen resolution is really low I doubt it.

Thanks Grim. Nope. Not working.
Dragging the bottom right corner to reduce it’s not doing anything.
My screen resolution is 1360 x 768 (Recommended) can’t go bigger than that

I have a laptop set at that res and I just checked and the window fits completely inside the screen.

Make sure you don’t have any windows magnification stuff turned on maybe…other than that you could post a screencap and see if anyone can spot anything obvious going on.

Do you run Win 10 on your laptop?
I’ve got a screenshot but how can I post it here? It need to be on a public server, right ?

Yes Win10.

In full editor (not quick reply) you can use the upload attachment tab below the text box to upload the screencap and then add a text link to it in the post.

thanks, I just added the attachment to my last reply above.
Thanks for your help

OK… I’m running Elements on the laptop and the “Resolve File Name Conflicts” line is missing from the box so it’s slightly shorter.

I temporarily set my desktop with Pro to this resolution and the box doesn’t fit…though I still seem to have a bit more space than you as the export and cancel buttons are just visible above the taskbar.

The box does not fit. I have changed the resolution every which way. From the lowest to the highest resolution, that window will not get any smaller. i run Windows 10 on a Toshiba laptop. Screen grab attached. The only workaround I can find is to turn the entire display 90 degrees; when i do that the display window is large enough to show me the bottom of the export window. This was my last resort and it is unacceptable.