Export Audio Mixtime Much Longer in N6

Has anyone else noticed that the export time has increased considerably in the new installment of Nuendo. At first I didn’t mind it but now I am wondering if it will ever be restored to it’s prior speed. Are there any options to recover the quick export time of N5.5?


Yes…3 times longer for my projects.

Hmmm…1024 buffer used to be fine.

Lydiot: It needs more than that? I will try it next time and see. Thank you for the tip. You rock as always!

compare the speeds of an export at 64 then one at 1024/2056.

n6 (or n7) needs to have an engine that allows for maximum speed exports without having to change the buffer settings (or do it automatically in the background).

I’m with Max on this one! Sounds like a good feature request…


What plugins are you guys mostly using?
I haven’t noticed an increase in export times
but I use mostly UAD and the UA card dictates the export time.(SLOW)
Also, I always have my buffers at 1024, unless playing a VST is required.

The only thing that speeds up exports for me is using native plugins.
Native mix exports compared to UAD mix exports are night and day.
UAD takes forever. Native usually takes about 1/4 the time.
This isn’t new to Nuendo 6 though, 5.5 is the same way for me.

On my rig, bouncing UAD stuff at the highest buffer on the Fireface (2048) gets them to render at a rate close enough to the native stuff that they’re no longer necessarily the reason for an export slowdown logjam. Faster than the RX DeCrackler, for example (which I’m typically using to pre-treat tracks before editing, so that takes them out of the export queue. Much faster than at 1024. I generally edit at 512, as that’s how they say the UAD Satellite works best, so a lot of switching goes on.

I guess I should add, based on the OT, that exporting at these rates, I’m experiencing no noticeable difference between N4, N5 and N6.


Edit Geez… I just did a search looking for the original “change your buffer” thread, and found the other where we already talked about all of this stuff. Enough from me on this…