Export audio Nuendo 11 to combine audio and video

I’ve finished my sound editing for my film in Nuendo 11. Do I export the audio file as an AAF back into AVID to combine my video with my audio so I can then upload it to my website for example - essentially how can I combine the two so I can just press play on my PC and watch my film?

hi, have you tried opennig the’ File/Export/Video…’ window ?
If that failed, you will have to give some more information. is it a stereo mix or Atmos? what kind of source video files do you want the sound to be baked into?

You approach any final Audio to Video project as a master file, same as if you were mixing and mastering music. AAF is not a master file format, you either export a .WAV file or any other master file format, or an Atmos master file, if you’re working in Atmos. The idea is to lock down the audio master/mixdown file as soon as it’s embedded with the video.

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Thank you. So I want to go to File/Export/Audio Mixdown as the Audio Mixdown is a WAV file? I presume after export I can then import that file into my AVID video editor - but first I would delete my existing audio tracks in AVID and replacing them with the WAV file as the WAV file contains the original audio tracks of film in AVID plus my film score? I’m just working in stereo.

Usually when I’m at this stage I export the full video timeline from the editor and the Mixdown from Nuendo.
Then I create a new timeline in the editing/finishing software, which will only contain the full video and the full audio tracks, nothing else.

This is what I use for my internal previews/WIP milestones, the actual final stage is usually done by a specialized post facility.


Exactly. And as someone stated, do a save as and call it “Online” or whatever name you’re comfortable with. The idea is to have all your steps till the final delivery, separated and accessable.


Usually, you never ever erase anything. Because if you need to go back to make fixes… well…

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10-4. Thanks.

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Thank you. Export the video track in AVID as a MOV file to my PC. Export the audio in Nuendo as a WAV file to my PC. Import both files to AVID in a new empty timeline. Got it. Specialized Post facility similar to how Amazon requires the separate files for upload in submissions to Amazon Prime Video.

When you export the video it should be at the best possible quality.
MOV might be OK with the right codec.
I usually export as a sequence of images for this stage (PNG or DPX, depending on requirements, bit depth etc).
By “Post facility” I meant a specialized post-production studio that does finishing and deliverables.
No idea what Amazon Prime requires in terms of format.
You should get familiar with what you need. Film festivals usually ask for a DCP, but for initial viewing you only need a Vimeo link. Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO have their own, very strict, specs for deliverables.

Yeah. I usually create a video mixdown of the finished picture in AVID, so a fully rendered visual master file inside AVID is created and be used for further creation of deliverables. I tend to create a separate master sequence in AVID combiniung the video mixdown and the audio mixdown created in Nuendo.

All these responses are great and helpful, but I’m slightly confused why you are not using the video export window? did it not work? I use it all the time for video projects where I do all the sound design and it never failed me.

I use Audiospot’s ER Media Toolkit. The easiest way to replace audio in a video ever. Try it. It’s the best and quickest.

You just need to do a mixdown from Nuendo into your final stereo file. Drag it into ER mediatoolkit. Then drag your video into it. And voila. You can watch your new video with your new audio in it now.

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I also use ER media toolkit. You can easily merge audio and video and render in different qualities / file sizes

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I tried exporting just the video from AVID but it failed - I exported a file that was a MOV file with selected tracks only. I had just my V1 track selected and no audio tracks selected. It wouldn’t play when I clicked on it.

My bad. I see Mixdown in the Timeline menu.