Export Audio Problem - noise/popping

I have Cubase Essentials 7 and just updated to Version 7.0.80. Now I have a new problem when doing an Export Audio Mixdown. The resulting file has popping sounds in it. I don’t hear the popping sound when I play the project prior to exporting - it’s only the exported file that has the pops. Even when I go back to projects that previously exported just fine (before I updated Cubase), now when I export them again I get this noise/popping. I tried exported to MP3 and to WAV - I get pops in both. I tried disabling all the plugins - I still get the pops. I tried doing a Real Time Export - still get the pops. I tried with Asio Guard on and off - made no difference. I don’t use any MIDI - my songs have only audio tracks. This is on windows 8.1 - I have plenty of memory and CPU. The song I’m trying to export has only a small number of tracks (about 10) with just a few plugins - ones I’ve been using for a long time. My levels are pretty low - the master fader isn’t clipping. Thanks in advance for any help. -Mike

Nevermind. I realized my problem is not related to Cubase. I think it’s something to do with my Focusrite drivers. When I listen to sounds coming out of Cubase through my Focusrite audio interface it sounds fine. But sounds coming from any other windows application (WinAmp, Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player) that go through my Focusrite get the pops/noise. There are no pops when I listen through the headphone jack in my laptop.