Export Audio render time

I’ve grown used to the time it takes to render a mix creeping up and up over the last few years… certain plugs greatly slow it down. In general takes nearly as long exporting offline as in doing it in real time.

Last week I updated to Waves v9 (from v5!) and OSX.8 (Mountain Lion) from OSX.6. Render times have increased dramatically. In some cases mixes now take realtime x2.

I really don’t see why either update should this - any suggestions?

I recently got this great tip from a forum member. Just before exporting increase your audio card buffer size to maximum. Zooming along now with the buffer set to 2048 samples.

Or maybe you already tried that…



Top tip, Martijn, I can’t believe I never tried that before. What a difference.

Cool. I’m glad it worked out!