Export Audio: Retain Channel Format (Mono channels stay Mono, Stereo channels stay Stereo, etc)

Hi, this would be very useful for bulk export tasks, when doing multiple channel export. In certain instances, I am having to export twice… once for mono channels… once for stereo… If you are like me, creating your own sample libraries - - - that’s a bit of a time sink.

Hi. There is a way to do it, Greg Ondo taught me in his Hangouts.

it is done like this; in your project you create a MONO output BUS. You don’t need to connect it, just create it.
then you route all the mono tracks to that bus and leave them stereo as is. now, you go to the export panel and choose MULTITRACK, and choose the audio channels to export. export and ready.

PS Don’t check export in Mono, I don’t know if it affects.

You will tell me, greetings from Spain and forgive my English, I use a translator.

Hey thanks for making me aware of this!

Unfortunately for the work I’m doing it’s not very useful and would just be quicker to do separate mono and stereo exports, because, if I have 12 mono channels I am exporting, and 1 stereo, I would need to create 12 dummy mono output.

The other downside, is that I need to use the channel names in the export naming scheme.

But it looks like this export protocol might be fixed in upcoming Cubase 11.

there is no need. you create a Mono bus, to which you send all your mono tracks, all of them. stereos go to the Stereo Out. When you give it to export, it is already exported, multitrack and respects Mono and stereo. maybe you have not understood. otherwise, I’ll make you a video tomorrow.

yes, remember in the export mark multitrack. the naming scheme respects you too.

don’t ask how Cubase does it, but it does. proof.

ohhh okay, I think I get it, I did it wrong, I used the mono output as the export channel. What you’re saying is, route them to a mono output but still export the actual mono channels not the output.

I will try again

If you are not capable, leave me your email and tomorrow I can also make a video for you.


the video,no Talking…hope this can help you

Thank you!

yes it works~!

Perfect!!! Im glad