Export audio snippets

Hi all,

in Cubase Pro 12 I have cutted a long speech audio file into many audio segments. They are now all on one track, one after the other, with silence in between.

I need to export all these audios seperately. How can I do that in Cubase?

And: The should have an increasing number in the filename (“audio 1.wav”, “audio2.wav” etc. for example). How can I archieve that?

Thanks much, Stefan

Hi there,

  • add cycle markers to each one,
  • rename them to what you like,
  • on export choose cycle markers on mid left section,
  • on name cog add the cyclemarkername tag so will keep the name of the markers
  • and export.

Thanks much, Alamelectronix. Yes, I think I am aware of this “manual” procedure.

However: This is hundreds of clips… Isn’t there a way to do it automatically in one go?

Or, is there another way, that I can write in cuts in one audiofile, and then have all the segments exported as seperate audiofiles?


I don’t understand. The way I am suggesting will export seperate files in one go.
Or is it something else that you want?

Hi Alma, if I understand correctly, I need to do your procedure for each clip sepearately. Correct? So I would need to do this hundreds of times. I’m hoping for a way to do it for all clips automatically. They are all on one track, one after the other with some seconds of silence in between. Thanks!

You only have to add the cycle markers seperately.
The export will be only once and will create multiple seperate audio events.

you can create a macro for adding the cycle markers easier. check this thread:

Wouldn’t Render In Place with Mode: As Separate Events be easier?

Sure, a nice alternative!
The only downside I can think of is that you have no control over the export’s Sample Rate

Thank you both!!

And @mlib : That was exactly what I was looking for! You can give a Prefix-name in settings, and then it numbers upwards. So easy. Wow. Thank you !!

Cubase Pro actually has a dedicated feature for this task:

It is rather similiar to render-in-place.

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Cool , didn’t know that!
Yes they seem similar, only difference is the filename options.