export audio to mp3


Recently updated to Cubase 10 and multiple times now,I’ve been unable to audio export(mix) to mp3. The mix window goes through 3/4 of time estimated,then boots totally out of Cubase. Wav mixdown works great, but this is the first time ever I’ve had issues with Cubase- starting with v 8.5 (i’m currently on 10.05) Would appreciate suggestions, or submit this for quick update to fix this bug . Almost all projects I submit to ask for mp3 first, and I’m adding an extra step having to convert a wav mixdown to mp3…



PS I also can’t do tempo detection on audio tracks that are very long(>45 mins) is this a limitation? or another bug fix?

Hi and welcome,

Does Cubase make a crash dump file (do I understand you right Cubase crashes)? Could you attach it?

Make a new thread for the 2nd topic, please.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the quick response. It seems the problem is gone with the update to 10.0.10! … just did a 2 min export of multiple tracks to mp3 and it went flawlessly… the 2nd topic is not all that important, so I’ll leave it for now,thanks…

Thanks again for checking in,